About dialog Published : 02 Apr 2019
  • You can easily decorate ‘about’ dialog (Right click > About) by below methods.
    public Plugin() throws Exception {
        super("whatever you want");
        setPluginVersion("1.0.0"); // this is essential for update check
        setPluginUpdateCheckURI(URI.create("http://your-server.name")); // e.g.
        // setPluginAuthor("silentsoft");
        setPluginAuthor("silentsoft", URI.create("http://silentsoft.org"));
        // these methods supports String and URI parameter
        setPluginDescription("You can set the description of your plugin");
        setPluginChangeLog(URI.create("https://github.com/yours/yours/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md")); // e.g.

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